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Author Topic: CTE's and Low Activity  (Read 2537 times)


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CTE's and Low Activity
« on: September 09, 2016, 07:37:46 PM »
Activity may get low, RL may get in the way and disrupt NS plans, whether its work, school or family that calls your attention away, I guarantee you 100% that IT WILL HAPPEN! No one expects you to be on and engaged 24/7, if they do, that's just ridiculous. They need a reality check. So, no need to feel guilty, people. RL always takes precedence. Always.

Here's some tips so you can pick up where you left off in Astyria, especially if you think you might CTE:
1. Keep in touch with someone on NS; preferably someone here, if you plan to come back to our region. Facebook, email, telegram, whatever. Stay in touch, if you can. Let us know what's going on. Because, you know, we care and stuff.

2. Try to sign in every month. It takes minutes. Should you CTE, don't worry. Really, there is no need for panic.
Then you might say, 'Oh crap, I want to reactivate.' Do so. Then STAY in the feeder region. DO NOT go to another RP region, gameplay region, etc. We will assume you're done with us and if you want to come back after that, you will have to re-apply all over again and explain everything. However, if you contact the WAD from the feeder region upon respawn, more than likely, barring any odd situation, you should be able to get the password for the main region to come back. It will depend on the situation and length of absence.

3. If you CTE in probation, without ever having made it to the main region, that's too bad. Do over. Re-apply. Another full stay in probation, if accepted. In rare instances, we may make an exception, but don't count on it.