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Author Topic: Member Application  (Read 1142 times)


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Member Application
« on: September 09, 2016, 07:37:12 PM »
Thanks for your interest in the region. Filling out this questionnaire ahead of time will greatly speed up the process for membership. Please give as full an answer to each question as possible. If any one of them seems redundant to you, or you have elaborated on the matter in a previous answered question, please redirect us to that answer.

1. First, if you could tell us more about yourself to help in the selection process -
Are you new to NS or a vet player, also, are you returning to NS with another account?

2. Have you ever applied to Astyria before, and if so, when? What account name were you applying with at the time?

3. Do you have multiple accounts (puppets) and what are they?
Which one is your primary account that you use most often?

4. Is there any drama, OOC conflict or issues that occurred in a previous region that involved you? Please be specific. If you were in another RP region, why did you leave?

5. What do you like to write within the NS realm - In other words, what is your focus? i.e. Economics/trade (GE&T), diplomacy (NS), NS Sports, character RP, War & conflict (II), factbooks/iiwiki or other (please specify if other)

6a. What tech do you normally RP in? i.e. MT, PMT, FT (please narrow down to a specific century or millenia), Fantech (please be specific about what makes your RP fantasy), PT (please narrow down to a specific century)

6b. Are you willing to RP in other techs?

7. What are the goals you would like to accomplish in Astyria and what do you hope to get out of your experience here from us, the current members?

8. Are there any other helpful things you would like to share about yourself, NS related or not?

If you are unwilling or unable to answer these questions, the process won't go very well, more than likely. Thank you in advance.
Also, be aware, upon temporary acceptance, most new members have a stay in our Probation region before admittance to the Main region. This generally lasts about a month, but it could take more or less time.

Lastly, be aware that our region RPs in MT - Modern Technology level. Not that many of our members don't dabble in other tech levels and time periods, but when we talk about affairs and canon building, most often it is in MT.

Thanks again for your patience with our process.