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Y'know, I may as well fill one o' these out.

Player's Handle: Mal, Malt, Maltropia etc.

Player's Astyrian Nations: Trellin, Andamonia, Arimathea, Cadenza, Kur'zhet; also involved in running NPC nations Kelonna and Maqtajer.

Player's Non-Astyrian Nations: I have like seventy. RP nations only: Maltropia and Stiltonia (in Paradoxia); Amalfi (in Borealia) and Letara (in Telseris)

Years Active in NationStates: I've been here since the end of 2009, though I'd hate to suggest I was actually good back then.

When Did You First Join Astyria? Pretty early on, within the first week or so; I was invited day one and hesitated too long to be the first person in the door.

A Little Bit About Me... I hate writing character biographies, and my own is no exception. I love history and geography - my undergrad was a BA in History and Geography. I'm currently pursuing an MSc in Coastal Management. I make maps and stuff and am an administrator on IIwiki. I hang out on IRC on the regular so that's a better way to learn about me because it's easy to provoke me into tooting my own horn.

Favorite Genres: Not really a genre kind of guy (according to me; I'm probably actually very predictable). I like Tolkien, Donald Westlake, Anne McCaffrey, Douglas Adams and some other authors, but I don't read enough these days to go into depth.

Favorite Writers: Huh, didn't realise this was here to answer. See above.

Nationality: Irish-born citizen of Ireland and Massachusetts. I legitimately claim Mi'kmaq ancestry and, a bit more debatably, descent from the royal house of Savoy.
General Discussion / IIwiki server move
« Last post by Trellin | Maltropia on April 10, 2017, 08:25:23 PM »
For those of you who use IIwiki (e.g. me), please take note of the upcoming server move, sparse details of which can be found here; the upshot of it is that any images you have on IIwiki will be lost. If you want to keep them, back them up. A list of all your uploads can be found on this page: just input your username and it'll automatically list them all. Save them to your hard drive and reupload them when the server has moved. Hopefully this saves everyone the stress of losing images (I'd lose hundreds, so I figured others would appreciate a heads up).
Player's Handle: ANL or Aztec

Player's Astyrian Nations: Aztec National League is the one and only.

Player's Non-Astyrian Nations: I previously had two other nations many, many, many years ago. Both went inactive circa 2008/2009.

Years Active in NationStates: I originally joined NS in September of 2003. However, I was most active for about five years from 2003-2008.

When Did You First Join Astyria?: Can't remember, honestly. It was around the time the region was created. ViZion invited me to join Astrya after Tetrakon went kaput.

A Little Bit About Me: My name is Chris - I'm 29 going on 30 this year. I just moved back to Southern California after spending a five year stint in Northern Cal. Currently, I'm in between jobs, but for the past few years I've worked in California politics.

Favorite Genres: Science fiction, comedy, history, politics

Favorite Writers: Douglas Adams, Oscar Wilde, various newspaper writers and columnists

Nationality: American (de California)
Applications / Do Not Vote Here.
« Last post by Trellin | Maltropia on December 10, 2016, 04:17:56 PM »
Just don't do it. This is not where votes happen. There is a specific subforum for that.
General Discussion / Re: Happily Introducing Yourself to Astyria: Introduction Threads
« Last post by Mesoland on November 13, 2016, 06:38:39 AM »
Player's Handle: Mesoland but I also go by Meso

Player's Astyrian Nations: Mesoland

Player's Non-Astyrian Nations: A lot, most of them CTE'd and inactive

Years Active in NationStates: Almost 6 (first joined in February 2011)

When Did You First Join Astyria? Somewhere between December 2013 and February 2014.

A Little Bit About Me... I'm Will, and I'm 18. I joined Astyria after my long-time RP buddies Aquitayne and Symphonia moved here following the breakup of our former region, the Union of Epic Nations. I'm a big fan of movies, rugby, language learning and trivia. I speak German to a high level and am also somewhat proficient in Japanese and Mandarin.

Favorite Genres: Thriller, drama, comedy

Favorite Writers: Kazuo Ishiguro, F. Scott Fitzgerald to name just two

Nationality: British (English)
General Discussion / Re: Happily Introducing Yourself to Astyria: Introduction Threads
« Last post by Ionicus on October 04, 2016, 07:08:08 PM »
Player's Handle: Ionicus / Ion

Player's Astyrian Nations: The United Technocratic Republics of Ionicus

Player's Non-Astyrian Nations: None

Years Active in NationStates: 2009-Present

When Did You First Join Astyria? July 2015

A Little Bit About Me...

Favorite Genres: Non-fiction, science fiction

Favorite Writers: Ray Bradbury

Nationality: American
General Discussion / Re: Happily Introducing Yourself to Astyria: Introduction Threads
« Last post by Oiseaui on September 29, 2016, 11:39:00 PM »
Player's Handle: Oiseaui (wos-ey-ou-ee) or Ois (wos/woz)

Player's Astyrian Nations: None... yet!

Player's Non-Astyrian Nations: Oiseaui

Years Active in NationStates: 2003 - Present (w/ 1 month to 1 year breaks during)

When Did You First Join Astyria? n/a

A Little Bit About Me...

Favorite Genres: SciFi, Horror, Historical Drama, Crime Drama

Favorite Writers: E. F. Schumacher, Mike Davis, Edward Tufte

Nationality: American

I'm Oiseaui/Ois or Ashley/Ash and I'm a dude who lives in Denver, Colorado, USA. I'm 26 - 27 come December 30th - and I've been playing NationStates since I was 13. I'm a huge science fiction nerd; I love Star Wars and Star Trek, and can enjoy almost anything in the sci-fi genre. I found this region because I play a Star Wars game with Aswick. I also love historical drama, real-life crime drama, and horror of most types. For all my nerdiness though, I played professional Rugby for the Glendale Raptors for a year, and have dabbled in kickboxing, Brazilian jujitsu, and mixed-martial arts. I'm a well-rounded nerd?

I began roleplaying in NationStates as a kid, creating a deep history for the nation of Valori. I was part of a huge RP group, but eventually I got bored with NationStates. However, I was Founder of a large RP region (at the time) so I left my nation to my 2IC. When I started playing again, 6 months later or so, he had quit as well but he had changed the password of my nation, so I started over as Oiseaui. My last name is Bird and I took French in HS so I thought it was super creative to use Bird in French, Oiseau. I don't remember why I added the random i at the end. In developing Oiseaui, I continued to use the French as a source for my nation, but I went the route of French Polynesia with a heavy French focus. I used Australia as a basis for its size. Beyond that, the nation grew naturally, as I sought to RP it.
Player's Handle: credo

Player's Astyrian Nations: Costa de Ouro, Morroseta

Player's Non-Astyrian Nations: Ceni, Racao,

Years Active in NationStates: 2010, 2012-present

When Did You First Join Astyria? November of 2013

Favorite Genres: Non-fiction, sci-fi

Favorite Writers: Timothy Zahn

Nationality: American (Texas)
General Discussion / Re: Happily Introducing Yourself to Astyria: Introduction Threads
« Last post by Woody on September 19, 2016, 10:40:16 PM »
Player's Handle: Woody

Player's Astyrian Nations: Woodstead, Cez-Zaeri

Player's Non-Astyrian Nations: Currently just Nyasott

Years Active in NationStates: 6-7 years?

When Did You First Join Astyria? In 2013 as a founding member.

A Little Bit About Me... I'm Woody/ Ed. I'm 21, and I love listening to dumb comedy/ crime/ conspiracy/ horror podcasts like Last Podcast on the Left and Blurry Photos. I used to spend my days marching in counterprotests on the weekends until I got older.

When I'm having a good day, I tend to do a mix of things- drag, Cities: Skylines/ SimCity, zine projects, IIWiki, and hanging out with my girl gang. I currently love in the UK, but I've been learn Danish every day, and would love to move out to Denmark, where my older brother already lives.

Also, ACAB: all canines are beautiful

Favorite Genres: Dystopia, graphic novels, black comedy, satire, crime, parody, Nordic noir

Favorite Writers: Irvine Welsh, Charlie Brooker, Chinaka Hodge, Oscar Wilde, Tennessee Williams, George Orwell, John Waters, Armando Ianucci

Nationality: British (or English)
General Discussion / Re: Happily Introducing Yourself to Astyria: Introduction Threads
« Last post by Aquitayne on September 17, 2016, 08:25:44 PM »

Player's Handle: Aquitayne/Aq

Player's Astyrian Nations: Aquitayne, Caranad, New Pangus (de facto)

Player's Non-Astyrian Nations: None that are active.

Years Active in NationStates: 5 years, joined July 24, 2011.

When Did You First Join Astyria? I was voted in on 25 November 2013.

A Little Bit About Me... College student living in the eastern U.S. I'm also a Roleplay mentor.

Favorite Genres: Diplomacy, military, MT, PT, fantasy, FT, character development, etc.

Favorite Writers: Bernard Cornwell, George Orwell, Aldus Huxley, E.E Cummings, Neal Stephenson, Mark Z. Danielewski, Markus Zusak. Much more.

Nationality: American.
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