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Y'know, I may as well fill one o' these out.

Player's Handle: Mal, Malt, Maltropia etc.

Player's Astyrian Nations: Trellin, Andamonia, Arimathea, Cadenza, Kur'zhet; also involved in running NPC nations Kelonna and Maqtajer.

Player's Non-Astyrian Nations: I have like seventy. RP nations only: Maltropia and Stiltonia (in Paradoxia); Amalfi (in Borealia) and Letara (in Telseris)

Years Active in NationStates: I've been here since the end of 2009, though I'd hate to suggest I was actually good back then.

When Did You First Join Astyria? Pretty early on, within the first week or so; I was invited day one and hesitated too long to be the first person in the door.

A Little Bit About Me... I hate writing character biographies, and my own is no exception. I love history and geography - my undergrad was a BA in History and Geography. I'm currently pursuing an MSc in Coastal Management. I make maps and stuff and am an administrator on IIwiki. I hang out on IRC on the regular so that's a better way to learn about me because it's easy to provoke me into tooting my own horn.

Favorite Genres: Not really a genre kind of guy (according to me; I'm probably actually very predictable). I like Tolkien, Donald Westlake, Anne McCaffrey, Douglas Adams and some other authors, but I don't read enough these days to go into depth.

Favorite Writers: Huh, didn't realise this was here to answer. See above.

Nationality: Irish-born citizen of Ireland and Massachusetts. I legitimately claim Mi'kmaq ancestry and, a bit more debatably, descent from the royal house of Savoy.

General Discussion / IIwiki server move
« on: April 10, 2017, 08:25:23 PM »
For those of you who use IIwiki (e.g. me), please take note of the upcoming server move, sparse details of which can be found here; the upshot of it is that any images you have on IIwiki will be lost. If you want to keep them, back them up. A list of all your uploads can be found on this page: just input your username and it'll automatically list them all. Save them to your hard drive and reupload them when the server has moved. Hopefully this saves everyone the stress of losing images (I'd lose hundreds, so I figured others would appreciate a heads up).

Applications / Do Not Vote Here.
« on: December 10, 2016, 04:17:56 PM »
Just don't do it. This is not where votes happen. There is a specific subforum for that.

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